We are in some interesting times right now. I like that word “interesting”. It can mean good or bad depending on what is going on in your day. If a seductive stranger gives you a smile while you wait for your extra hot peppermint half latte, half soy, triple decaf frappuccino (I bet this drink really exists and one of you asks for it regularly. Let me apologize for you in advance as the other people in line behind you roll their eyes). That can be a start of an interesting day. Then on the way to work you spill your chaotic concoction of a drink on your white shirt and home is too far away to change. This too can be a start of an interesting day as you wonder how many times you are going to have to explain, “Yes! I know I have a coffee stain on my shirt!”
Life goes by quick. We are all busy and times just get busier. Every now and then we need to slow it down a bit. There are times when we have to remind ourselves to STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. One thing you will learn about me is that I am lazy. I don’t want to work any harder than I have to in order to get the exceptional results expected of me. All the tips you get from me can be applied INSTANTLY. Like NOW! Life is indeed interesting and in these interesting times here are 7 small ways to live life BIG:
1. Laugh at your own jokes. Who cares if others don’t find them funny! This is your life and we don’t laugh as much as we should. So laugh out loud (even if you let out a little snort).
2. Smile when you stroll down the street. Smiling releases endorphins into your body that make you happy. Think of happy times and dare to smile big.
3. Help someone you don’t know and may never see again. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Helping someone put a heavy item in their car or even holding a door open for some lovely ladies (that can help in more ways then one). Unselfish service is a wonderful thing and it feels good.
4. Surround yourself with the people you love. This also means dump all the leaches in your life that are energy suckers. You know what I am talking about. Good people good. Bad people bad. If you need additional clarification on that, drop me a line.
5. Keep a journal. If life is worth living it is worth recording. I keep something called a gratitude journal where I write all the great things that happened to me today. I also write about all that I am grateful for. There are times when life beats you up and knocks you down. Don’t let life knock you OUT. Read your journal when times are tough and it will remind you of all the good times. TAKE LIFE ON! BRING IT!
6. Do nice things for yourself. Life is too short. Don’t be the person that works just to pay bills. Treat yourself like the amazing person that you are! Buy the pair of shoes you have been looking at. You deserve it.
7. Learn a new skill. We all talk about learning to dance or picking up a second language. It is time to do it. Even if it is something small like a word of the day. Do it and do it NOW! There are people all around that know the things you want to learn. Ask them to help you. Find a mentor that can help you and you will be surprised how many will say yes. I love to help people, ask me.

Life is easy, fun, exciting, challenging and breath taking. Sometimes we make it harder on ourselves than we need to. I challenge you to do the 7 items above. Abraham Lincoln said it best, “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

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