I have the privilege of knowing and working with some very successful people. I know people that have made millions and lost millions. I lost $100 in Las Vegas and was nearly nagged to death by my significant other. But to lose ONE MILLION DOLLARS, WOW!!! The most impressive part is that in order to lose a million dollars, you have to learn how to make a million bucks. I asked several millionaires what their secret to success is. Here are some pointers that you can takes notes on. Always remember that what one man/woman can do, YOU can do. If they made a million, YOU CAN MAKE A MILLION!

1. Have a positive attitude. Life is full of ups and downs. It is hard to be successful when people are walking around, dragging their feet and hating life. Have an upbeat attitude and when life gives you lemons (instead of limes) get some good tequila and make a margarita. Ask me how?

2. Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t be a blamer. That is one of the worst epidemics spreading throughout our country. People blame everyone but themselves. If you think the problem is outside of your control then you will always be a victim in this world. Life can be like a run-a-way horse, responsibility is the reign you can use to bring the wild horse under control. Accept responsibility and take control of your life. Who have you been blaming lately?

3. Reward yourself. Set goals for yourself and when you accomplish them reward yourself. Turn life into a fun game and when you do something great, treat yourself to whatever it is that you want. I want a new kayak and toy hauler. What do you want?

4. Be a student of life. Life is ever-changing and seems to get harder. You cannot face the new challenges of tomorrow with the skills of yesterday. Continue to fine tune your trade. Seek to be the best you can be at your chosen career / hobbies. Learn from mentors, books, CD’s and DVD’s. What do you want to learn? Invest in a book and learn to do it better.

5. Keep your word. In the good ole days a man was only as good as his word. Today you can’t trust too many people. If you ever want to see this in action go to a car dealership. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT!! Do it and do it the best you can, otherwise it will haunt you. Be the person with an impeccable word. What is something you told someone you would do, but didn’t?

6. Set Goals. If you do not know where you are going, how will you get there? Look at the major areas in your life and set some things you would like to accomplish with a timeline. i.e. earning $70,000.00 by 12/31/10. The major goals I would recommend are: Job, Finance, Family, Education, Spirituality, Health and Hobby. If you have questions on how to set goals, let me know. What goals are waiting for you to conquer?

7. Be true to yourself. You can lie to the world, but not to yourself. Live a life that you are proud of living. Live with honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Love your family, friends, and bloggers.

Be confident and proud of who you are. Most of all remember that you are a champion. YOU BEAT OUT OVER 40,000,000 OTHER SPERM TO CREATE YOU! WOW! Talk about beating the odds. You will rarely face those odds again. If you did it once, what can you do now? Hug yourself and tell yourself, “I believe in you.” You are your own best friend. Follow the advice of millionaires. Always remember that what one person can do, YOU CAN DO!