Do people consider you  Creepy?

 Every day we walk around and we always notice a few people that are slightly odd. There is good odd like, “Wow she is interesting.” Then there is CREEPY like, “Why is that person looking at me with his mouth open while a stream of drool has created a puddle on the floor?” Let me tell you all, nothing is more of a turn off than creepy people. Creepy is bad and will cause many Friday nights and weekends ALONE. The following are symptoms of the disease known as Creeporia:

 1. Staring. Staring is not only rude but very creepy. Nothing is wrong with looking at someone, holding eye contact for a few seconds and smiling. In fact that is the opposite of creepy, it is confidence. People, especially women, know when creepy people are staring. Also if you are observing someone, please look at their eyes. Anything BELOW is not the window to the soul.

 2. Lingering. WOW!! Who has a few stories about this one? People that linger around when they are not wanted or have nothing to say is CREEPY. Talk, have fun, make a point and leave at a high point. The word linger is used for foul body order and creepy people. Note to self DON’T LINGER.

 3. Loners. I value my alone time. It gives me time to put my thoughts together and appreciate ME. I do have friends (although none of them will claim to be my friends). When you see people that are ALWAYS alone, that is creepy. We are social creatures and interaction is a valuable part of who we are. Make friends, be a friend, don’t be a creepy Loner.

 4. Appearance. My wifey tells me that I should always dress nice, but there are times when I wear the same outfit for an entire week. I can care less as long as it does not smell and is not creepy. There are some people that just look creepy, I call them the people of Wal-mart. Enjoy the following link to see what creepy looks like.

 5. Vehicle. Some people have nice cars while others have clunkers. It doesn’t matter as long as it gets you from point A to point whatever SAFELY. However if you are driving around in an old van with cardboard covering the inside windows you are VERY creepy. Also, cruising around people or places again and again being borderline stalker means there is something wrong with you.  Don’t creep and drive.

 6. What you say. Alright! We have evolved a bit. Before we would make fire by rubbing sticks together and our knuckles scraped the ground while we walked (some still do). The days of “Hey sexy mama” are gone. If guys say things that show they would sleep with anything that is warm and has a pulse, that is creepy. Society has advanced, so should they. Don’t be a creepy PERV.

 7. Age. You can’t be a 60 year old man leering at 20 year old college women. With age comes great responsibilities. I hate saying, “Act your age,” because I sure don’t, but keep age in perspective to how you interact with others. Sean Connery and George Clooney are some studs, but if they are hooking up with 23 year olds, CREEPY! If they can’t get with it, you don’t stand a chance. SORRY!

 Be yourself. You can be odd, but be the confident odd. Have your own fashion style, spend quality time with yourself, be funny, look good, feel good, and be happy. With all this you can decrease your chances of being creepy. You can be unique, just like everyone else.