I used to work at Victoria’s Secrets in Sacramento, A. It was wonderful being the only man working in a sexy place surrounded by beautiful women. LIFE WAS GOOD! After hours we would clean up and all of my co-workers would talk about the men in their lives; the good, the bad, and the “he is just a friend that I let buy me things.” These ladies of lingerie would share with me their most intimate secrets about what women REALLY want and how they got it. THEY TOLD ME THE SECRETS THAT ONLY WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW. Now, I am here to spill my guts and share with all the secrets that women have kept hidden for years. Women did not want this information out. Women knew that if men became wise to their rouge, the MEN WOULD GAIN SOME CONTROL.

                 Lets face it guys, most of us have little or no control of the women in our lives. If life was a car, your woman would be driving  while you were crammed in the trunk keeping the spare tire company. I am still convinced that all women belong to some secret cult. There has to be a reason why they all ask the same questions, like shiny objects, and love expensive accessories. Or maybe Cosmo magazine is to blame for the ridiculous test they throw in their magazine, “Is your man FAITHFUL? Ask him these 1001 questions to determine if he is cheating on you.” Thanks Cosmo for the constant interrogations by our women, we owe you one and can’t wait to give it to you 🙂

                 The next 7 days we will address questions that have plagued man from the beginning of time. The ever so mysterious enigma, WOMEN! No means Yes and Yes means NO! Sometimes guys I think we need a decoder ring to figure out what women are really “trying” to say. “Do these jeans make my butt look big?” We have all gotten in trouble with that question (especially when it is her BIG BUTT that makes her butt look big). What is the right answer? What does she want to hear? What can I tell her so she will be happy and leave me to my beer, sports, and silence? Those are some of the magical questions that men have thought about ever since our 1st serious relationship.

                 Men it is about time we level the playing field. I invite you all to a magical journey starting tomorrow when we look at SEX. I will answer questions with not only my extensive experience conversing with women, but with scientific reasoning. The question that I have been asked hundreds of times from mystified males that we can finally put it to rest: DO WOMEN LOVE SEX JUST AS MUCH AS MEN? Please join me tomorrow as I reveal to you the answer to this question and why women have hid this from men.