“He is either gay, engaged, or has a girlfriend that would shoot him if he ever laid eyes on another woman! I gave him all the signals but he didn’t even come by and say hi?”

 I have heard this line (or something close) hundreds of times over the years. Women always ask me at our Wine Country Connection speed dating events, “Why are guys so dumb when it comes to knowing women?” I always tell them the same answer, “Men are from Mars and Women are an advanced species where telepathy and small gestures are the spoken language.” Men and women might as well be from two COMPLETELY different planets.

 Women are more known for remembering even the minute details. Case in point when my wife asked me just yesterday, “Do you remember Jesse’s party a few months ago when you wore X(detailed description of what I wore), I wore Y(how does she remember all this to a “T”) and we were sitting next to that one girl with the gold shoes, 4 inch heels, with that strap over the top that had the intricate buckle and the crystals along the side? I was thinking about getting a pair just like them, what do you think?” I was speechless and she called me a moron for not remembering the shoes.

 Here is a TEST that you can use to see this point in action. THIS IS PRICELESS & FREE OF CHARGE. Next time you meet a couple ask them to both make eye contact with you. Then without them looking down ask him to describe her shoes and vice versa. 80% of the time she will be right on with his shoes and he will be scratching his head and wondering if she even wore shoes. (let me know if you try this and the results)

 Men, please take close notes on Day 3 and learn these secrets that will help you decipher the hidden language of women. Today we will start with her eyes. Ahhhhh, the eyes. The windows to the soul and also ONE of the indicators of her interest. Here are a few ways that women use their eyes to check out men. Men do you remember that one time you were out in public and you saw that cutie that caught your eye. She looked at  you, you made eye contact for that split second then she looked down and away. Did you think she was not interested? Did you ask yourself, “Should I at least have said ‘Hi. My name is..?'” Well, what if I told you that she might have been interested and that was her way of showing it. Read on to hear more.

 This is all factual information from hundreds of interactions and extensive research by myself and others. Keep in mind there are no guarantees. Just like in Vegas, nothing is ever going to be 100% of the time. But, this information will help stack the deck in your favor. If you are a man that does not know how to be wise to her signals of interest, you are missing out on a lot of opportunity. Now let’s get to her beautiful eyes:

  1.  Looking down & away. Women are constantly scanning a room. When a man enters a room, they immediately size him up. The secret is if she is scanning the room, sees you and continues to scan then she may not show interest. However, if she sees you, looks down and away then she just got caught peeking at you. Wait for a bit and see is she takes another peek at you. This is called an Indicator of Interest.
  2. I see you. As children we all played the game Peek-a-boo. As women got older that game still applies. Several women check out men while hiding behind something like a menu. They will peek out every now and then and observe. Be on the lookout for this.
  3. Looking through the sides of her eyes. Women do not want to make their interests obvious (even though us men wish they would and women think they are). I don’t blame them otherwise every weirdo and his brother would be hitting on them. When women are looking through the sides of their eyes, they are checking out the goods either to the right or left. Be keen men and just like the 40 year old virgin, “Use your peripherals.”
  4. Looking and gabbing. When girls were young they would get together in groups, whisper in each other’s ear and talk about someone. As they got older, not too much has changed. When you see two or more women whispering to each other and glancing at you: Step 1- make sure you don’t have toilet paper stuck on your shoe, Step 2- make sure your zipper is zipped, and Step 3- smile because if it is not step 1-2 then it must be the magnificent YOU!. Have fun and introduce yourself.

 As you can see there are many ways that women use their eyes to look at men and say to themselves, “He looks interesting. I wonder what he is about?” Men do not miss out on another opportunity to meet a great woman by not knowing how to read between the eyes 🙂

 Best of luck men and let me know what works. Ladies if you have any other tips that can help some quality men out, please do tell.