Music and dancing go hand in hand. I have always had a passion for dance and truly believe that you can tell a lot about a person based on how they dance. I heard some women even compare a man’s dancing to love making. Needless to say I think dancing is fun and easy. Yup, I said easy. For those of you that think you were born with two left feet let me share with you how easy dancing can be. In fact, I just took my first ever West Coast Swing dance lesson at WnY Warehouse ( in Novato, CA. I went there to just check it out, but I was drawn in with the set up of the place. WnY is amazing! It is roomy, lit well, and the people there ROCK! I felt as if I was in a Hollywood studio or backstage of a Madonna concert. The owners, Warren and Yenni, are not only fun people but also AMAZING dancers. I was floored by their moves, nothing short of breath taking.

But back to how easy dancing is. While I was sitting there I saw several people dance, switch partners, dance, smile, laugh, and a lot of twirling. The men had the confidence of James Bond and the women had more beautiful curves and swerves than a drive on Highway 1. I saw the skills and talents of these dancers and I thought to myself in prehistoric thoughts, “Wikki want! This good. Dance good!” Stop and think about the last time you were in awe from a dance performance. It could have been from Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent, America’s Best Dance Crew, or the cute 4 year-old girls twirling in tutus. It can look complicated, intricate, and almost life threatening. It is not and let me tell you why.

Dance is a lot of small steps done over and over until it looks and feels natural. While I was standing there watching these West Coast Swingers a very nice woman came up to me and asked if I had been here before. I told her no. She asked if I wanted to learn the basic step and said without a beat, “Does a chicken have lips? (That is my way of saying yes)” She showed me the basic stance and the initial steps and within 10 minutes I had it down. I was nowhere near being ready to do all the fancy twirls and I had to go really slow, but I got the basics. It was awkward being the only guy that had no clue on how to West Coast Swing in a room full of great dancers. I felt like the only human being in a room full of super heroes. One thing I can tell you is that dancers are very generous people. I made some great friends that night. I understand that a lot of us start off not knowing a skill, but with a little bit of practice, you too can end up on Dancing with the Stars.

I have asked hundreds of women over the years the following question: If you see a guy that knows how to dance, is that HOT OR NOT? Over 95% of the women said it WAS HOT when a man can shake his moneymaker. OVER 95%, WOW! That is not to say it is the only thing to look for in a man (After all we are not just pieces of meat to be looked at. We have feelings and personalities too), but knowing how to dance doesn’t hurt the odds with the ladies. Keeping that in mind; I encourage everyone out there to find a style of dance that you like, find someone to help you learn it, and get jiggy on the dance floor. If you are looking to learn some West Coast Swing, check out WnY Warehouse in Novato. They have skills.

I will depart with the following words. Life can be like going to a dance. At some point that dance will end. Will you be the one that plays it safe and spends the night on the wall as an observer or will you be the one in the middle of the dance floor smiling and twirling? I look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor! Men, learn to dance. It helps a lot.

Petaluma Pete, music and dance go great together 🙂

For West Coast Swing give WnY Warehouse a shot. Both owners and students were really nice and helpful.

WnY WAREHOUSE 64 Digital Drive Novato, CA 94949 415-828-3408