I enjoy living life with some flare. Who doesn’t enjoy something a little bit out of the norm from time to time? Well why stop now, let’s spice it up. I was walking around Cotati the other day and saw this costume shop that looked like any other Halloween shop. Boy was I in for a surprise. I stepped into Custom Costumes in Cotati and my senses were elevated to rival the peak of Mount Tam. I was a kid again, but a grown up kid. Let me explain.

The outfits at Custom Costumes surpass my criteria of go BIG or go home. There were intricate pirate costumes, sexy belly dancer costumes, and even dark angel wings with a wingspan of about 6-8 feet. These costumes truly ROCKED! Long time ago I heard that it is all about the detail. Well, the owner, Heidi, has every single accessory you could possibly need to complete your perfect Halloween masterpiece. The best part, these costumes are very well made. They are not pieces of plastic put together in some factory overseas. Several of these costumes are hand made by Heidi herself. Now that is what I mean about keeping local business local.

Heidi was kind enough to let me try on some outfits. WOW, WHAT A TREAT! I felt like a kid in a candy store. Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up, especially if the outfits available are similar to the ones you can find on a Lord of the Ring’s studio set. She has replica swords, guns, shields, and whatever else your medieval heart desires. Check out Custom Costumes for some of your Halloween needs. From sexy pirate to Elvis, they got it. The service is great and the costumes will make the trip WELL worth while. Check them. They are DYING to see you 🙂

Custom Costumes
7981 Old Redwood Hwy Cotati
Near Papa Murphy at the Grapevine Center