To get love you must give love. To be happy, share happiness. To be wealthy, share your wealth. There are many different types of wealth. In fact, wealth comes in more different flavors than Baskin Robbins ice cream. What constitutes as wealth now-a-days? Well, wealth can be money, time, love, advice, abundance, gifts, freedom, etc. Everyone is wealthy in some form or another. But what use is wealth unless you share it? I am here asking you to share your wealth with a worthy nonprofit of your choice.

I was at the Boys and Girls Club at Old Elm Village today. What an awesome group of bright and beautiful boys and girls. The program director there, Marina Glanville, runs that great club and was kind enough to invite me in to speak to the kids about setting and achieving goals. We had a great time playing charades, talking about goals, discussing careers, and a little bit of fun dancing. I enjoyed sharing some of my time and experiences with the vivacious bunch. If you ever want to meet a group of kids with spunk, I suggest you speak with Marina and visit her club. Being in that club was more exciting than watching some of the NBA Playoffs. Speaking to them was very rewarding.

It reminded me how important it is for the community to get involved with these programs. A lot of Petalumians (people from Petaluma??) have so much knowledge, skill, and experience that can be shared with the community and the leaders of tomorrow. The Internet and books are a great resource of information, but they still fail in comparison to learning from you. Share your experiences in life. Share your Do’s and Don’ts. Share with the community the way you tweaked the recipe to get that “out of this world” result. But more importantly help groom some of these leaders of tomorrow. There are so many different programs that can use your help. Pick one, or be like my friend Kyle Restad, and pick them all.

So get out there and be proactive in building our community. You can do great things when you put your heart into it. You have more influence than you think. Teach your experiences. Invest your time. Share your love with Petaluma. This is probably one of the few legal ways to love more than one person and get away with it 🙂

Remember to get love, give love. Share your wealth!