Life can be easy if you focus on what you want and less on what you don’t want. I was looking at my midsection that tends to grow and shrink like some 401k’s (now known to some as 201k’s). I was shocked to see how chubby I have gotten. Just 3 months ago I was fit as Richard Simmons (minus the short shorts and screeching voice). How did I get slim and trim? Discipline! How did I become chubby? Lack of discipline! For a minute I thought I looked like the chubby kid in the movie Goonies 🙂
Discipline is the key to most successes and the lack of it can be seen in most failures. I was watching “Dancing with the Stars” the other day. A lot of people are in awe by how these people dance. My niece loves that show and was talking about how she would do anything to dance like them. I told her that she could dance like them and better, but she has to put in the same amount of hours that they did. A professional dancer works on his / her dance skill all day long. Numerous hours at the gym, yoga, dance practice, and more. If you want the skill that other people you admire have, then you have to do the work that they did to get that skill. The problem lies when people are not willing to do the work, but want the same result.
People want to be rich, but not many are willing to do the work. Instead, several play the lottery hoping to hit it rich. Society knows how to get into better shape (exercise, eat more greens and less fast food), but very few people look like they could be part of the Baywatch cast (me included). I type this as I am drinking my Espresso coffee and blueberry muffin, ugh. People want to learn to be more confident, but not many are taking classes to learn how to be confident (yes, confidence is a skill that can be learned just like carpentry).
As I continue my journey to lose my newly found belly, I encourage you to look at what you want to accomplish and find the discipline to do it. It is much harder than it looks, but at least give it a shot. If you want to dance, take a dance class at Petaluma JC. If you want to make money, speak to someone that has a lot of money and ask them how they got there, then do what they did to get the similar result. If you want to learn to be confident then take a class like the ones being taught by Petaluma Recreational Services. A journey of 1000 successes begins with your discipline. I encourage all of you to take this journey with me and see that life can be easy if we live it with discipline.

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