When you keep doing what others are doing, then you can expect the same result. When I get my daily mail, I see a lot of the same stuff. I see the coupon books, the coupon mailers, advertisements in the paper, direct mail, a few bills, and tons of catalogs that I somehow subscribed to. Maybe you get a lot of the same. I opened up one of the coupon packets and saw three different coupons for dentist in the area. I personally love the coupons! They give me some great deals to try a new product or service. But, I have come to realize that a lot of businesses are limiting themselves to just one sales and marketing approach or are not effectively implementing various others. I have been taught that business is much like fishing, the more poles you have in the water the easier it is to catch fish. There is no magic pill and not one solution will maximize the business results you are looking for. I have studied dozens of businesses over the last few weeks and have discovered some areas, that if slightly tweaked, can double (if not triple) the business profits while keeping clients excessively exhilarated. I have identified 7 Key Areas to focus on.

For the next 7 days I am going to discuss the 7 Hidden Secrets and Techniques that if applied correctly and consistently will help your business grow exponentially. The 7 Techniques I am going to cover are:

Day 1. How to Keep in Constant Customer Communication

Day 2. Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service

Day 3. Set Up a Fool Proof Referral System (Other than “Here’s $20 if you tell your neighbor to come visit us.”)

Day 4. Setting Up Win-Win Business Relationships: Profit Shoulder to Shoulder with another Business Holder

Day 5. Sexy Savvy Social Media Marketing Makeover

Day 6. Community Involvement, Help my Kid, Help my Community, and I’ll Help Grow Your Business.

Day 7. Customer Appreciation, How to make your clients feel like Royalty!

Stay tuned as I share with you the 7 Hidden Secrets that will connect your business to more clients, more often, more quickly!