Here is a quick tip on putting some extra punch in your passion. I call it the “silent seduction.” It doesn’t matter if you are single or married; if you have a wife or a girlfriend (not both); and even if you are not a player (but you crush a lot). It never hurts to learn a new skill and flex your passion muscle (keep it clean you dirty minds). I present to you the power of the extended pause. It is the nothingness that enhances the words, emotions, and experiences around it.

We live in a society where silence can seem awkward, strange, and uncomfortable.  But, it doesn’t have to be. Silence can be intriguing, suspenseful, and mysterious. For all you guys out there, use this next time you want to meet a lovely lady, try this:

You: “Hi, I am Wikki Verma (your name here, but if using my name will get you further, power to you)…

Her: “Yes?”

You: “I wanted to let you know that you (long pause)…”

Make it a long pause until you can almost hear the impatient thoughts in her head thinking, “Yeah…. go ahead…spit it out”

You: …”look fantastically beautiful!”

Then take it from there. The suspense that is built draws her in, makes her curious to what you want to say pertaining to her, and builds up the intensity of the moment. It’s not your standard greeting by a long shot. The ladies love it! If she is not smiling after that, run away from her (to the next lady a few seats down; rinse & repeat).

The same can be used when complimenting your significant other. Something like this:

You: “Wow!” while totally checking her out (long pause until she says, “What?”

You: You look … (long pause as if gathering the appropriate words that you hope will do justice to describe this amazing Goddess that has bestowed her beauty upon you) … breathtaking.”

Pauses are indeed a powerful tool to be used in seduction, enhanced compliments, and unique introductions. Use it on a new acquaintance or add it as hot fuel in your already existing passions. Have fun with it and don’t be creepy about it. There is a thin line between intrigue and creep (as many ladies will tell you). Have fun with the pause and comment me back to give me your results. Good luck!