Thomas Edison said, “The body is a community made up of its innumerable cells or inhabitants.” But what happens when the body gets sick? Sickness is a part of life. There are times when a good cup of herbal tea and vitamin C can do the job. There are other times when it takes a trip to the hospital. Then there are those times when we need the help of our community. Today is the day where the strength of our community can make a huge difference for Petaluma resident Alexis Cooper in her fight with Lyme Disease. This event is put together by the lovely ladies from Ooh La Loft.

Ooh La Loft is a ladies clothing boutique in the heart of downtown Petaluma. It was started by twin sisters, Cristina and Michelle Wilson, who always dreamed of opening up their own clothing store. Today, November 19, Ooh La Loft is hosting a fundraiser to help 25 year old Alexis Cooper fight Lyme Disease. Tonight between 8:00pm – 11:00pm will be an evening for fundraising, music, food, drinks, and sales to benefit Alexis. I thought maybe the Wilson sisters were related to Alexis because it is no simple task to put any fundraiser together (ask anyone that has done it). How surprised was I to find out that Alexis was a client! Who does this for a client? At a time when the economy stinks, businesses are struggling, and competition is fierce; let’s just say it’s not easy to make time for an event like this. But, when you meet Cristina and Michelle you will realize, like transformers, there is more than meets the eyes.

Behind the Wilson sisters’ stunning good looks, amazing fashion sense, and business savvy; is compassion for their clients and community. They are generous with their time, resources, and contacts. When I was working on a fashion piece for the Petaluma360, these two fashion experts were very generous with sharing with me the hots and nots of fashion and confidence. Cristina and Michelle have an eye for fashion that can take ordinary to extraordinary. Their success in business and impressive resume are attributes of their commitments to both clients and community.

If you are available tonight [and if you aren’t cancel your plans and come anyways :)] stop by, show your support, bid at the silent auction, buy some clothes, and make a donation if possible. I like Thomas Edison’s analogy between the body and community. The body is just like a community where the cells are people. The body is amazing and has the ability to heal itself with support from other cells. I have found Petaluma to be a very supportive community and am thankful for businesses like Ooh La Loft. See you tonight!

For additional information contact Ooh La Loft

109 Petaluma Blvd. North

Petaluma CA 94954