LisaMarie of Bridget Adelaide’s Cake Gallery is partnering with Sonoma Cutlery to bring you a wonderful evening of hands on cake demo decoration, instruction and yes, you get to have your cake and eat it too!

This hands on cake decorating class take you from an amateur Betty Crocker to the Ace of Cakes. Well, it will at least getting you started in the right direction with one of the best in the industry, LisaMarie from Bidget Adelaide’s Cake Gallery. You will have your very own personal, mini cake to decorate and keep! All items needed for the class will be available for purchase in store, or you can bring your items from home. Its time to put all those days of practicing on your easy bake oven to use. Come have a great time, decorate a cake, and learn the skills that the pros use. So next time it is Aunt Thelma’s birthday, you can bake and decorate her cake and be the star of the party.

Petaluma Coffee & Tea Company providing local roasted coffee!

Pre-sale only (in the store). $15 per person . We ask that there be no children under the age of 9, and that they are accompanied by an adult. Thank you! Tickets on sale now! Come get em!

For additional information on being the next Sonoma County Ace of Cakes , check out the website:

Check out the video interview of LisaMarie below:


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