I love events (especially hands on events) because it gets people involved, active, and enthusiastic (all of which are great to link with any product or service). I appreciate a good meal, outing, evening just like the next person; but I prefer that event to be an experience. I learned that if you take a product or service and create a positive experience around it, then you have created an environment where people will more appreciate you and your products. Sonoma Cutlery is doing just that by inviting local companies to share their magnificent and local products with our community. A lot of times products do not sell themselves and require a bit more information, perspiration, and demonstration. Sonoma Cutlery Culinary Creations does just that, where they combine local products, preparers, and produce to deliver an engaging culinary experience that will tame the hunger, please the palate, and excite the eyes.

I had the chance to meet Chef Marcus of DeSchmire restaurant for an upcoming event on 4/30 at 6:30pm where Chef Marcus will demonstrate how to prepare the simple and versatile dish known as Ratatouille. Long Board Vineyards will provide the wine to pair with the meal. Along with the demonstration will be cheese and bread tasting. This looks to be an exciting event to attend. It is Fresh, Local, Active, Vivacious, Opulent, and Ratatouille (which conveniently creates the acronym FLAVOR). Please check out the interview with Chef Marcus and for more information regarding this upcoming event you can visit: http://www.SonomaCutlery.com/events.html

Bon Appetit