What are rituals? As a kid I remember watching Scooby Doo and whenever I heard the word “ritual,” it usually involved a witch doctor chanting witch doctory things aimed towards chaos and a lot of running for Scooby’s crew. Fast forward several years. I still watch Scooby Doo and now know that rituals play several roles in my life. The most important role I want to speak with you about is how the RIGHT rituals can bring you success greater than Scooby’s appetite for food.

Back to the original question, what are rituals? There are definitions pertaining to religion, but the one I am interested in is the following:

Ritual defined as a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.

Ritual AKA Routine AKA stuff you consistently do on a regular basis.

I believe the rituals that you choose will determine whether you accomplish your goals or fail; are you fit or fat; are you rich or poor; are you happy or wish things were better.

A book that I just finished reading helped put some of this into perspective. It is called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Good book and Great message. He recommends to implement a morning / daily routine in the morning to set your day sailing to success (whatever you define as your success). He breaks it down to several steps that can be remembered as S.A.V.E.R.S

  • Silence. Starting your day with meditation wether it is thinking of your goals, being thankful for what you have, or connecting with whatever Divine force you follow.
  • Affirmations. If it is to be, it is up to me. I can do it. I feel wonderful. I am fit and healthy. An avalanche of abundance surrounds me. Pump yourself up with good thoughts with the best intentions.
  • Visualization. See yourself being the person you dream of being. See yourself with the money already earned, the body you desire, or the relationship you covet. You have to see it before you can bring it.
  • Exercise. Your body needs energy and fitness is a part of that. Remember to treat your body like a palace not an amusement park.
  • Reading. Read something helpful or inspirational. A book, article, or even Youtube video that talks about ideas to help you accomplish your life’s passions.
  • Scribe. Write about your dreams, thoughts, ideas, fantasies. You don’t have to publish it. Maybe keep a journal. Write lessons you learned that you wish you knew earlier or a manual on what you want to teach your kids about life. If you think it, Ink it!

This process does not have a time limit. Hal gives an example in the book with the SAVERS process being about an hour long. I am a huge advocate for this Miracle Morning. To start off your day doing the rituals done by some of the most successful Men & Women in the world. If you are somewhere in your life where you want more and don’t know where to start, maybe this is a step in the right direction. IF your morning ritual involves coffee, news, and then work; and you are not happy with where your life is, then maybe it is time to follow the routines of the rich that become the rituals of success. Best of Luck.