Are you in sales? If you’re trying to grow your business you probably know or heard of the Cold Call #Prospecting #GrowYourBusiness #Needed4Sales #ButIHateMakingCalls.

“Your customers don’t hate Cold Calls, they only hate Bad Cold Calls.” Wikki Verma, President of Livingston Technology Solutions a Wine Country Commerce Company.

I’ve been making Cold Calls for over 20 years ever since I was 14 and I had to knock on doors to sell greeting cards so I could buy my first ever magic set. Over the years Cold Calls may appear to change, but the concept is pretty much the same. Over the next several weeks I will break down Cold Calls and show you how understanding this one skill can change your life, like it has changed mine. The best part is you can fine-tune this skill just over a weekend and catapult to success instantly. I love Cold Calling over the phone.

I love Cold Calling over the phone because:

  1. It is inexpensive
  2. It is convenient
  3. It works!

There is no secret to Cold Calls, it’s just a lot of work. More importantly it is consistent work. Consistency and Discpline is the name of the game. Similarly to how you need all the right ingredients to make a great soup, there are several components of the Cold Call that you need in order to compete for your customer’s attention and business. So let’s start with the Table of Contents and we will go down this sales path together. Please ask a ton of questions and get involved, a closed mouth in sales definitely will not get fed.

We will cover the following:

  1. Sales Script or No Script
  2. Excitement & 1st impressions
  3. Should I ask, “How are you doing today?” Or Just get down to Business
  4. How to Speak Between the Lines the secret with voice inflection
  5. Hit the Human (well kinda)
  6. Qualify, Qualify, Qualify or else Waste of Time, Waste of Time, Waste of Time
  7. Sell Yourself & Sell Your Company
  8. InfoTainment
  9. Keep the Customer Involved
  10. Ask for the Business
  11. Know and Expect Objections
  12. Humor- If you can get them to laugh, you can get them to buy
  13. Give to Get
  14. Dare to Care
  15. How to Keep-At-It, Use it or lose it.
  16. And anything else I can think of

If there is anything else that you would like to discuss as part of the Intro Sales Cold Call, please let me know and as a sales community we can learn from each other’s experience.

I believe Sales to be one of the most rewarding careers where you can have a blast, work hard, make a lot of money, and always be in demand. Let the journey begin Monday 10/31/16

Wikki Verma is the President and CEO of Livingston Technology Solutions a value-added supplier of Information Technology (a Wine Country Commerce Company).