More and more doctors are realizing the importance of having an active Facebook page. These doctors and clinics are using the #1 social media platform to reach prospective patients, stay in touch with current patients, provide valuable information and generally stay relevant and known in their community. If you’re in need of inspiration, here are some local doctors and clinics who are not only rockstars in helping patients with their health concerns, but also winners in creating engaging content and connecting with their patients on Facebook.


Von Chan D.D.S Inc. headed by Dr. Von Chan has one of the most active and fun doctor Facebook pages in Petaluma. On their page you will see candid photos of the dentists at work, conventions and even after clinic hours. They also host fun gatherings for their followers with the latest one being a Candy Buy Back event for the benefit of troops through Operation Gratitude. Their lively photos are very effective in connecting their team with patients who get a glimpse of who they are even before visiting their clinic.

Doctors Who Are Killing It On Social Media

TIP: Post photos of your team having fun at the clinic. This helps create a relaxing and welcoming environment full of real people!


With more than 100 positive reviews on their Facebook page, Acorn Chiropractic Club is steadily gaining a loyal following on social media. Their client testimonials are very effective in establishing the team’s authority and expertise in chiropractic care. Aside from sharing photos of daily life in their clinic, Acorn Chiropractic Club also provides useful information and tips for their patients. This enables them to maximize their social platform and further affirms the trust of their patients.

Doctors Who Are Killing It On Social Media

Facebook users are more likely to share posts that are informative and provide value.


Ok I’m guilty. The main reason I’m following Adobe Animal Hospital of Petaluma is because of the adorable photos of dogs and cats on their page. And I’m sure their more than 400 followers are also pressing like for the cute animal photos. Facebook followers love visual content and posting appealing photos and videos definitely increases engagement. One of the reasons why Adobe Animal Hospital of Petaluma is also winning in Facebook marketing is that they tag and include related pages in their posts.

Doctors Who Are Killing It On Social Media

It shows that they are active in the local community and serious about their service and cause. This is also great for online marketing purposes as tagging popular pages will help a Facebook post rank higher and possibly increase engagement.

Do you know of other local Facebook pages who are highly successful? Drop me a message at and I will include them in my upcoming articles.

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