Last time I talked about the amazing reasons why you should aim to get published. Since I published that article, I received a lot of emails from business owners expressing their interest to get published. However, there is always a “but”. “But it will cost me a lot of money.” “But I’m not good at writing.” “But I don’t have time.” Those are common misconceptions that are stopping entrepreneurs from reaping the benefits of becoming a published book author.

If you have also fallen victim to these lies then read on and let me clarify the truth about book publishing. Becoming a published book author is not as hard as you may think.

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Lie #1: You need to have a finished manuscript before talking to a publisher or agent.

The Truth: A lot of traditional book publishers reject book ideas that are still in the early stages. That is very unfortunate especially for first-time authors who need guidance to turn their idea into a book. But don’t be discouraged! Nowadays you can find exceptional hybrid publishers and agents who are ready to listen to your book idea no matter which stage you are at. A lot of them will even extend help if you need a co-writer or ghostwriter–anything to make your book a reality.

Lie #2: It will take you years before your book will get published.

The Truth: Again this is usually the case for who go through a traditional publisher. It takes time to find a literary agent who will believe in the merit of the book and after that, to find a publisher who will believe it is worthy of distribution. Aside from that, writing the actual book takes up a lot of time and this can be a problem for busy entrepreneurs. The good news is that if you choose a hybrid publisher or agent, it will only take you as little as 180 days to get your book published! Most hybrid publishers only ask for the credentials of a business owner or professional and of course the desire and willingness to publish a book.

Lie #3: You need professional writing experience.

The Truth: This is a negative thought that you must absolutely forget right now. Every entrepreneur and working professional has an interesting story or valuable knowledge to share and the process of writing should never be a hindrance. If you think you really need help in getting the writing done, you have the option to get a co-writer or hire a ghostwriter. As long as you hire an experienced professional, you can be assured that your idea will not be lost and the published book will turn out exactly how you want it.

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Lie #4: You need to spend a lot of money to publish a book.

The Truth: You will need to invest money to publish a book, that’s true. However, a good publisher can work within your budget and you will not have to spend more than $3,000 including the initial printing. Some will even include free marketing services for you. A lot of business owners I have spoken to are shocked to find out how affordable book publishing really is.

Lie #5: You need to worry about publicity and marketing.

The Truth: Another common misconception is that you need to be famous or “know somebody” for your book to be marketed properly. Unfortunately, traditional publishers only offer marketing services to the top 5-10% of the authors they publish. Again, there are plenty of hybrid publishers and agents who have an entire team ready to assist you with your marketing needs. These publishers and agents have content writers, web developers, social media strategists and event planners who are experienced in promoting your book and yourself as an expert in your field.

Now that you know the truth about book publishing, I hope you already gained the confidence you need to start your journey. I cannot emphasize enough how rewarding book publishing is for any business owner or working professional. Most of the time it is really only these misconceptions that prevent anyone from going through the process. Once you are free from these misconceptions, trust that it will be a fun and valuable experience for you!

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