Your website can mean a lot of things to your business or nothing at all. For successful business owners, their website is a very important marketing tool that generates a big part of their sales leads. To some, however, it’s just something that is nice to have–which is sad if you ask me. But there’s hope!

A good website should be able to do these three things:
1. Get people to the website with no problem.
2. Get people to stay and interact with the website.
3. Get people to convert or respond to the call-to-action.

These three goals are achievable if a website has all the necessary elements. For this post, I will focus on the necessary content for a good converting website. So let’s start with a checklist of the 5 Things Your Website Should Include to make sure no small detail is left out. Use this guide as a starting point for building or revising your website content.

Download the complete checklist here.

1. Your website should state in simple terms what your business offers.

best website examples

Dropbox tells website visitors exactly what their company offers: a central place to access and share files.

Some well-known brands may be able to get away with not having to clearly state what they are and what they do but most businesses will benefit from giving a straightforward description of their company. Don’t confuse your website visitors and tell them exactly what you offer.

2. Your website should include an obvious call-to-action.

I’ve mentioned in my previous articles that a good website contains not only the company information but also a means to generate sales leads. Your end goal should be to lead your visitors into your funnel using a compelling call-to-action button, link, or signup box.

3. Your website should show the benefit of your product or service to the client.

best website examples

Slack uses creative images to illustrate the benefit of using their tool.

When your visitors land on your website, it’s your chance to speak to them and nail your value proposition. Take this great opportunity and use not only words but also attractive images. Give your website visitors a vivid picture that they will associate with your brand.

4. Your website should enumerate your products or services into bite-sized categories.

Very few people will browse an entire company website and read through every long paragraph. I don’t even do that! Help your website visitors remember the important message you want to convey by breaking it down into a list. Don’t forget to keep that list short!

5. Your website should consistently and clearly echo your branding.

best website examples

This part is why every business must have a clear branding. Use a consistent tone in communicating with your website visitors. Don’t be formal in one paragraph and then suddenly hip and casual in another. The same is also true for your choice of colors, fonts, and graphics. The best websites tailor-fit their content and design according to what will appeal to their target audience.

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