Self-Confidence That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet!

"Take pride in everything you do! It doesn't matter if you are just starting your career in fast food or have been in the work force for decades, doing work with pride and a big smile will take you far. If you were a manager and someone came in looking [...]

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Pause for Passion! The Power of Nothing!

Here is a quick tip on putting some extra punch in your passion. I call it the "silent seduction." It doesn't matter if you are single or married; if you have a wife or a girlfriend (not both); and even if you are not a player (but you crush a [...]

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Three things you don’t know about your Customers that could be hurting your business, Part 2

Here are some SHOCKING statistics regarding dissatisfied clients from a study done by the Research Institute of America for the White House Office of Consumer Affairs and brought to my attention by Jay Abraham. The average business will hear nothing from 96% of unhappy clients who experience rude or discourteous [...]

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Three things you don’t know about your Customers that could be hurting your business, Part 1

Why do customers stop going to any business? There are several reasons but the top three I continuously see are: Satisfied customers that temporarily stopped using your product/service with every intention to go back, but just didn't get to it or forgot. Satisfied customers that no longer need your product [...]

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Day 1. How to Keep in Constant Customer Communication

Day 1. How to Keep in Constant Customer Communication If you are constantly in contact with your clients then you will be on top of their mind when your services are required. We are bombarded by advertisements, information, and updates. When I am on Facebook, I see commercials. I read [...]

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Business Insider Reveals The 7 Hidden Secrets Your Competition Prays You’ll Never Find Out About.

When you keep doing what others are doing, then you can expect the same result. When I get my daily mail, I see a lot of the same stuff. I see the coupon books, the coupon mailers, advertisements in the paper, direct mail, a few bills, and tons of catalogs [...]

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When Can Interruptions Help Grow Your Business?

Customer service, customer service, customer service! We have all heard about the importance of it and some of us have been fortunate to experience it. You have got to admit that it feels good when we are served with a smile, acknowledged, put on a pedestal, and praised. After all, [...]

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Is Life Harder Than it Should Be? This ONE Thing Can Turn it All Around!

Life can be easy if you focus on what you want and less on what you don't want. I was looking at my midsection that tends to grow and shrink like some 401k's (now known to some as 201k's). I was shocked to see how chubby I have gotten. Just [...]

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“Forget Yourself And Be A Child Again”

I love cartoons and still watch them as much as I can. It is funny how perception changes over time. Before, I would watch cartoons, like X-Men, for the mindless Sci-Fi entertainment. Now, I watch X-Men and learn some valuable lessons (and still the mindless Sci-Fi entertainment :) The lesson [...]

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How to LOVE more than one person and get away with it!

To get love you must give love. To be happy, share happiness. To be wealthy, share your wealth. There are many different types of wealth. In fact, wealth comes in more different flavors than Baskin Robbins ice cream. What constitutes as wealth now-a-days? Well, wealth can be money, time, love, [...]

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