Truths Women have hid from Men-DAY 3

Just yesterday I was speaking to several single women from Wine Country Connection from ages 24-68 and asked them, "What do you look for in a man?" Even though there was such a huge difference in ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds; the answers were 80% the same! Just like the movie [...]

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Truths Women have hid from Men-DAY 2

"He is either gay, engaged, or has a girlfriend that would shoot him if he ever laid eyes on another woman! I gave him all the signals but he didn't even come by and say hi?"  I have heard this line (or something close) hundreds of times over the years. [...]

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Truths that Women have hid from Men.. 7 Days. 7 Secrets revealed

                I used to work at Victoria's Secrets in Sacramento, A. It was wonderful being the only man working in a sexy place surrounded by beautiful women. LIFE WAS GOOD! After hours we would clean up and all of my co-workers would talk about the men in their lives; the [...]

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Are you doing these 7 things that may label you CREEPY?

Do people consider you  Creepy?  Every day we walk around and we always notice a few people that are slightly odd. There is good odd like, "Wow she is interesting." Then there is CREEPY like, "Why is that person looking at me with his mouth open while a stream of [...]

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7 life secrets from millionaires

I have the privilege of knowing and working with some very successful people. I know people that have made millions and lost millions. I lost $100 in Las Vegas and was nearly nagged to death by my significant other. But to lose ONE MILLION DOLLARS, WOW!!! The most impressive part [...]

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Top 7 WORST pick up lines.. Which ones are you guilty of?

Top 7 WORST pick-up lines.. Which ones are you guilty of?  I was watching the Discovery Channel a while ago and they were discussing Darwin, evolution, and the survival of the fittest. I naturally linked that to dating and the competition out in the singles scene to meet quality people. A [...]

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7 small ways to live life BIG

We are in some interesting times right now. I like that word "interesting". It can mean good or bad depending on what is going on in your day. If a seductive stranger gives you a smile while you wait for your extra hot peppermint half latte, half soy, triple decaf [...]

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