Life is like a big mall. Everywhere we go we can spot something that we want. That could be an assortment of different delicious delights from the black and yellow convertible that just whizzed by to that beautiful person sitting just a few tables away from you. What is it you want that would make your life complete? What do you feel is missing in your life?Do you ever find yourself saying any of the following:

  1. “If only I was better looking or in better shape, my life would be perfect!”
  2. “Spirituality is very important to me, if only I could do more. That would really turn my life around!”
  3. “I want to do more for society, I want to contribute some how and leave a legacy. My life would be purposeful if I could only do more.”
  4. “I don’t do enough for my family! If only I could do more for them. That would make me happy.”
  5. “Money is important. If I only had enough money, I would be nothing but sunshine and lollipops.”
  6. “There is so much to do and see in this world. I will be happy once I can have more fun and travel.”

It is natural for us to want more in life. That shows that we have ambition and want to expand our horizons (or just like shiny objects). Unfortunately, I have seen so many people that are waiting for that one thing to come into their life BEFORE they think they can be happy. They feel as if their life is like a combination lock and and are just one number away before the lock of happiness opens up to unleash all of the joys in the Universe. I was (and to some degree still am) the guy that said ALL of numbers 1-6. I waited a long time thinking that I needed more money in my life or a nicer car to find happiness. Until then, I would just stay somewhere between Ugh and miserable. What I, and several others, found out is that you cannot find long term happiness outside of you. Happiness comes from within. Sure, buying a new handbag or electronic gadget may bring short term amusement just like doing drugs will provide a temporary feeling of euphoria. Look at some of the stars of hollywood that seemed to have everything, but came up short in the happiness category. Stars like Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, and John Belushi.

How do you find happiness then? Happiness starts with you being completely grateful for what you have even if you are homeless, cold, and hungry. You might wonder how anyone in those conditions can think happy thoughts. Well, they can be thankful for not having cancer, for having both arms, eyes, legs, etc. If people spent less time complaining about what they didn’t have and spent more time appreciating what they do have; they would much more happier. Start to look at yourself as the amazing person that you are. You are a masterpiece. You are one of a kind. You beat out 40,000,000 other sperm to become you. If you can beat those odds you can do anything!

ACTION ITEM: Make a list of 10 things you like/love about yourself. Keep this list handy and read over it anytime you feel you need something else to make you happy. Learn to be happy with you RIGHT NOW! Love yourself as you are and you will be happier. I know this sounds very fluffy, but this exercise (and several others) have helped transform the lives of many people I know. It is alright to go out to get whatever you like that can ADD to your already happiness. Next time you are out and about downtown Petaluma and spot something that tickles your fancy think to yourself, “I already ROCK and love myself, but that would be nice to have!” Then walk up to that beautiful person just sitting a few tables away from you and introduce yourself by saying, “I was the fastest out of 40,000,000, my name is YOUR NAME HERE.”

So tell me, what do you love about yourself?

This Wikki doesn’t Leak. Life can be a rowboat with a hole and it can feel as if the only direction we are going is down. Don’t just keep scooping water out of the boat! Plug the hole, stop the leak, and put an engine on the back. Follow me on the path to find love, pursue life, and achieve happiness.

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