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Rituals of Success


What are rituals? As a kid I remember watching Scooby Doo and whenever I heard the word “ritual,” it usually involved a witch doctor chanting witch doctory things aimed towards chaos and a lot of running for Scooby’s crew. Fast forward several years. I still watch Scooby Doo and now know that rituals play several roles in my life. The most important role I want to speak with you about is how the RIGHT rituals can bring you success greater… Read More »

Fire Breathers, Sword Swallower, Leather, Whips, and Burlesque

We could not squeeze any more into this fine performance. This event will EXCITE your eyes, PLEASE your palate, and BLOW YOUR MIND!

“You’ll be teased and titillated with tasteful, yet salacious burlesque…”

I heard about this group from a friend and it blew my mind to see some of their grandiose acts such as death defying daggers. I like fun stuff and to have performances like this in Petaluma is wonderful. I like to say, “Nix London, Skip San Francisco, and Lose L.A. because Petaluma has talent. Now, we are bringing that talent to you via Americana Mayhem!

Americana Mayhem:
Mix neo-burlesque, the wild west, a little cabaret, and some good ‘ol fashion circus with a rockabilly twist, and you’ve got AMERICANA MAYHEM! Brought to you by the Gypsy Cowboys, Americana Mayhem is the delux creation of Matthew ”Molotov” Bouvier and Dixie DeLish. Together with Roxy Reve, and Kar Nova they’ll make you laugh out loud, squirm in your seats and raise your glass to the wicked and wild antics of this San Francisco based variety show. Just added from the Yard Dogs Road Show, Tobias the Mystic will confuse and confound you.
A night of fun like none you’ve experienced, this variety show spills over the edge with all the energy of a Saturday night hootenanny. You’ll be teased and titillated with tasteful, yet salacious burlesque of some of the Bay Area’s finest artists-performing their most requested acts. The Gypsy Cowboys will display the art of the bullwhip and classic western trick roping. Mysteries of the mind will be revealed! Sword swallowing and the Bed of nails will be demonstrated. Our circus aerialist will amaze you with ultra bendy acrobatics.
Americana Mayhem is funny, fast- paced and includes audience participation. The fun starts even before the show begins with outdoor pre show stilt walking and fire breathing. This can be a great way to draw attention to the venue. Immediately following the show, we will be available to meet and greet your patrons at our merchandise table- answering any questions, posing for any photos and providing light ambient entertainment. From the beginning of the pre-show, through 2 sets of Americana Mayhem, all the way to the end of the meet and greet, for a total running time of three and a half hours of entertainment. Americana Mayhem takes you speeding down the road of classic Americana culture, in all it’s classy low brow glory.For more information, teaser video, and Purchase Tickets NOW at:

For just $10 in advance & $15 at the door. Sonoma County, you do not want to miss this one.
Go Carnie in Petaluma!!

See you there!
PS: You can also see the video below!

A French Experience You DON’T Want To Miss!

I love events (especially hands on events) because it gets people involved, active, and enthusiastic (all of which are great to link with any product or service). I appreciate a good meal, outing, evening just like the next person; but I prefer that event to be an experience. I learned that if you take a product or service and create a positive experience around it, then you have created an environment where people will more appreciate you and your products. Sonoma Cutlery is doing just that by inviting local companies to share their magnificent and local products with our community. A lot of times products do not sell themselves and require a bit more information, perspiration, and demonstration. Sonoma Cutlery Culinary Creations does just that, where they combine local products, preparers, and produce to deliver an engaging culinary experience that will tame the hunger, please the palate, and excite the eyes.

I had the chance to meet Chef Marcus of DeSchmire restaurant for an upcoming event on 4/30 at 6:30pm where Chef Marcus will demonstrate how to prepare the simple and versatile dish known as Ratatouille. Long Board Vineyards will provide the wine to pair with the meal. Along with the demonstration will be cheese and bread tasting. This looks to be an exciting event to attend. It is Fresh, Local, Active, Vivacious, Opulent, and Ratatouille (which conveniently creates the acronym FLAVOR). Please check out the interview with Chef Marcus and for more information regarding this upcoming event you can visit: http://www.SonomaCutlery.com/events.html

Bon Appetit


Nationally acclaimed DJ Icey Set to Remix the DJ Scene in Petaluma!

Everyone LOVES the DJ! If you have been to an event where the music was horrible, you know what a HUGE difference good music makes to any event. There are DJ’s out there that are nationwide and Petaluma’s very own DJ Stevie B is bringing Florida famous, DJ ICEY, to Petaluma. Come to The Rocks Bar & Lounge for a night of DJ, Drinks, and Dancing (3 of my favorite D’s).

The Rocks, Higher Conscience, Tribal Existance, Doublestacked

(Zone Records, djicey.com)

DJ Stevie B & Tim Brown

Jimmy Hits

$10 tickets @ www.inticketing.com TIX On Sale NOW!!!

Born and raised in Florida, DJ Icey has been mesmerized by electronic music ever since hearing the synthesizer breakdown on The Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein”. “My mom had that album and I would play that middle part over and over wondering how they made that sound,” Icey recounts. “I was little and thought it was so cool”.
DJ Icey – Producer, Remixer, Label Owner and DJ with an obsessive love of Breakbeats and Bass, he is a true Merchant of Boom.

Icey runs his Indie label, Zone Records, which is dedicated to the music he loves. When vinyl ruled the DJ’ing landscape, Zone sold over a quarter of a million pieces of wax up until the label went all digital in 2008. Zone Records release schedule is relentless and consistently garners Top 10 Beatport sales in Breaks and has expanded to include multiple musical genres in remix and original form.
Playing 100+ gigs per year, Icey is a touring maniac. But that doesn’t keep him out of the studio during the week working on new tracks for his indie imprint, constantly trying to push the envelope to make his fans sweat on the dance floor. Icey’s live DJ shows are legendary and always include massive amounts of originals, remixes and re-rubs exclusive to his sets, the output of his addiction to the recording studio.
Icey’s remixes have garnered Top 5 placings on Hype Machine’s Twitter Top 100 chart multiple times, most recently with his bass fueled re-working of Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Heads Will Roll” and Tyga’s “Rack City”.
DJ icey has done a weekly satellite radio show in North America since 2006, first on Sirius’s Boombox channel and currently on Sirius XM’s Electric Area channel, entitled “Automatic Static” it is one of the most popular dance mix shows on satellite radio. His many legions of fans love his Soundcloud page, where Icey gives away full length mixes, remixes and original tracks often.
DJ Icey’s current full length album is “Flash the Message”, 17 tracks that includes 12 originals long side a handful of remix and re-rub action. Combining the sounds and vibes of multi-genres, vocals and instrumentals, all expertly tied together with his broken beat, bass heavy sound that he is renowned for.

$10 tickets @ www.inticketing.com TIX On Sale NOW

Learn the Cake Decorating Secrets from the Pros!

LisaMarie of Bridget Adelaide’s Cake Gallery is partnering with Sonoma Cutlery to bring you a wonderful evening of hands on cake demo decoration, instruction and yes, you get to have your cake and eat it too!

This hands on cake decorating class take you from an amateur Betty Crocker to the Ace of Cakes. Well, it will at least getting you started in the right direction with one of the best in the industry, LisaMarie from Bidget Adelaide’s Cake Gallery. You will have your very own personal, mini cake to decorate and keep! All items needed for the class will be available for purchase in store, or you can bring your items from home. Its time to put all those days of practicing on your easy bake oven to use. Come have a great time, decorate a cake, and learn the skills that the pros use. So next time it is Aunt Thelma’s birthday, you can bake and decorate her cake and be the star of the party.

Petaluma Coffee & Tea Company providing local roasted coffee!

Pre-sale only (in the store). $15 per person . We ask that there be no children under the age of 9, and that they are accompanied by an adult. Thank you! Tickets on sale now! Come get em!

For additional information on being the next Sonoma County Ace of Cakes , check out the website: http://www.sonomacutlery.com/events.html

Check out the video interview of LisaMarie below:


Contact Celeste for additional information ->












The Addiction of Quilting, One Class and You’re Stitched!

Quilting has become a recession proof hobby. It seems like several people will go without water, air, and food; but not leave their quilt. Come this Friday evening to Sonoma Cutlery for an event like no other. Quilting secrets from Quilted Angel’s Barbara Meikle. Learn how to use rotary cutters and patterns like a pro. While your eyes are amazed by the quilting performance, your mouth and stomach will thank you for wonderful coffee by Petaluma Coffee and Tea Company and wholesome, handcrafted treats prepared and presented by Chef Cyrelle McDonald! Seats are limited and are only $10. For your reservation contact Sonoma Cutlery 707-766-6433.

You need legal help, but do you need an attorney as well? Maybe not!

Here is a great story from the Napa Valley Register about a local gentleman that saved me thousands. It addresses the question, do you really need an attorney? You need legal help, but do you need an attorney as well? The answer depends on your problem. However, in some cases there can be an alternative. You can use what is called a legal document assistant — someone like John Kopilow. Kopilow, of Wine Country Legal Assistance, has spent the past… Read More »

He has performed with Jay Leno & Robin Williams. Now he will perform live for you!

I have always been a fan of comedy! I heard that a good laugh is worth about 13 sit-ups. If that is the case I appreciate The Rocks Bar & Lounge bringing to Petaluma a much needed comedy club. At the last event they had well over one hundred comedy fans laughing off their seats. This is a must do if you are a live comedy fan. For only $10 you get a professional 2 hour show and free food!… Read More »