Thanksgiving Menu Ideas From Top Petaluma Restaurants

It's true that the majority of Americans still stay in and cook to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, nearly 1 out of 4 families prefer to either pick up parts of their meal from a restaurant, buy the complete prepared meal or eat dinner outside. That is a significant percentage of [...]

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Susan Stewart, PhD Shares The Gifts Of Late Life In New Bestselling Book

Most of us have a fear of growing old. When we think about aging we conjure images of sickness, weakness and ugly wrinkled face and body. The health and beauty industry capitalizes on this fear. We often see advertisements claiming a certain product will be able to stop time [...]

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5 Book Publishing Myths And The Truth You Must Know

Last time I talked about the amazing reasons why you should aim to get published. Since I published that article, I received a lot of emails from business owners expressing their interest to get published. However, there is always a "but". "But it will cost me a lot of [...]

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Top 3 Petaluma Medical Practitioners To Follow On Facebook

More and more doctors are realizing the importance of having an active Facebook page. These doctors and clinics are using the #1 social media platform to reach prospective patients, stay in touch with current patients, provide valuable information and generally stay relevant and known in their community. If you're in [...]

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These 3 Petaluma Restaurants Are Winning In Online Marketing

If your restaurant is not searchable online, it might as well be non-existent. That's how powerful online marketing is for businesses. Customers are searching, browsing, tweeting, and posting food-related content. If you want your restaurant to be remembered, you have to make sure you constantly produce share-worthy posts, [...]

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Need Ideas? Here’s The Ultimate Social Media Calendar For November

Finish the year strong with standout and share-worthy social media content. To help you plan your November social media content, I created a calendar with tips for what to post on important dates. This is a very useful reference for social media managers or business owners who need ideas [...]

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5 Amazing Reasons That Will Convince You To Get Published

A book sets you apart from all the other guys in your field. Becoming a published author has so many great benefits for any business owner. I know this personally because my business improved dramatically ever since I published my book "Six-Minute Miracle Journal". Yes [...]

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5 Halloween Marketing Tricks For Your Restaurant

More than 171 million Americans celebrate on Halloween each spending an average of $82.93 last year. That amount of spending is predicted to go up even higher this year. Halloween is not just a fun holiday--statistics show that it is also one of the most expensive [...]

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Sales Calls – from Cold to Sold

Are you in sales? If you’re trying to grow your business you probably know or heard of the Cold Call #Prospecting #GrowYourBusiness #Needed4Sales #ButIHateMakingCalls. “Your customers don’t hate Cold Calls, they only hate Bad Cold Calls.” Wikki Verma, President of Livingston Technology Solutions a Wine Country Commerce Company. I’ve been [...]

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Rituals of Success

What are rituals? As a kid I remember watching Scooby Doo and whenever I heard the word "ritual," it usually involved a witch doctor chanting witch doctory things aimed towards chaos and a lot of running for Scooby's crew. Fast forward several years. I still watch Scooby Doo and now [...]

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