I can’t believe Christmas is here and the New Year is knocking on my door. Many years have gone by when I promised I would do this or commit to that. I have made and broken many goals whether they are a weight loss program or learning Spanish. I think one of the worst things you can do to yourself is break your own promises. If you can’t keep your own promises or hit your own goals then how can you expect to succeed in life? I have recently read a fantastic book, The Four Agreements, and it is one of those books that made me wonder about life and what I have been doing with the gift of life I have been bestowed.

The first of the four agreements is to be impeccable with your word. It is not always easy to keep your word, but I believe it is essential. I am not sure about you, but I feel guilty when I don’t keep my word. When I tell a friend I will call them tomorrow, but I choose not to, then that haunts me. If I promised my sister that I will mail her a CD and I don’t, it haunts me. It is a discipline to say you will do something and actually do it. It is going to be an interesting journey to fulfill this first agreement. I encourage everyone to read the book or listen to the CD for The Four Agreements. It is an essential read in a world where more is said than done. Become the change that you are looking for. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

PS: Read the book or listen to the CD to uncover the other three agreements and how to implement them for a balanced life.