I love cartoons and still watch them as much as I can. It is funny how perception changes over time. Before, I would watch cartoons, like X-Men, for the mindless Sci-Fi entertainment. Now, I watch X-Men and learn some valuable lessons (and still the mindless Sci-Fi entertainment 🙂 The lesson I learned from X-Men is, “We all need to forget ourself and be a child again.”

Let me explain …

In the last episode I saw, Wolverine (A bad-ass X-Men character) was in an ice village in the middle of who knows where. He was simply trying to find peace and get away from civilization. He ran into a very primitive village and stayed with them, appreciating the simple life. At one point all the villagers gathered around and held the ends of a strong circular cloth. One of the villagers would go into the middle of the cloth circle. The rest of the group pulled the fabric to create tension and they had an instant primitive “jumpee.”

One of the elders from the village told Wolverine that he is next. Wolverine being the macho man that he is did not want any part of it and said that is for kids. That is when the elder said the line that struck my heart. The elder looked over to Wolverine and said, “We all need to forget ourself and be a child again.”

WOW! Simple, but thought provoking.

So much of life is spent in worry. So many people are too busy growing old and are forgetting to live life. Some people had to grow up quickly because of responsibilities and never had a real childhood. Whatever the reason is, forget it and give yourself the gift of being a child again.

Go get your favorite ice cream. Splurge at the candy shop. Watch your favorite cartoon. Play hiding-go-seek with you kids. Laugh hysterically at a stupid joke. Grow a milk mustache. Take a nap if you are tired. Go to the park and feed the ducks. Practice that cartwheel and laugh if you fall. Spin around until you are dizzy. Drink soda really fast and burp out a name. Suck down a Slurpee so fast that it gives you brain-freeze. Think of what would make you smile. What would make you feel like a child again? What is it you see other kids do that makes you smile? Find it, THEN DO IT!!

I am suddenly in the mood for some Oreos and Milk 🙂 Find what floats your boat and DO IT!

Remember, “We all need to forget ourself and be a child again.”

Your inner child is always with you. Let him/her out and cause some harmless havoc.