When I think of comedy I think of fun times with fun people. I remember laughing so loud that it hurt. I remember thinking, “That is so true.” I remember how I could not wait to tell someone the joke I just heard.

I remember some of the greats like Chris Rock, C.K. Louis, and Robin Williams. As well as the great lates like George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, and Richard Pryor. Comedy is a way to break the ice, enjoy drinks with ice, and laugh with Vanilla Ice.

Finally, there is a a comedy club in Petaluma to relive the old memories and make some funnier new ones. The Rocks Bar  Lounge will be hosting a free comedy night for the 21+ every Wednesday at 9:00pm. Being from Sacramento, I have been wanting to go to a consistent comedy club for a long time and there are times when I don’t want to drive out to the city. So if you are into stand-up, live comedy, want to get a good laugh before bed and work out them abdominals (I think laughing is the equivalent to 78 sit-ups) then check out The Rocks for their first stand up comedy event of the year featuring some of the funniest guys you have never heard of 🙂 A lot of local Bay Area comics will try out new jokes and skits at these improv stand up comedy nights to fine tune their skills to put together an even better show for your viewing pleasures. Show your support for local business and comedy by coming to The Rocks tomorrow (Jan. 4th) for their 9:00pm show. It should be a lot of fun and who couldn’t use a few more laughs in their life. See you there!