Prescription Drugs! The Drug Dealing Happening in YOUR Medicine Cabinet Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlDgLJLv2qs&context=C4f5f3f2ADvjVQa1PpcFNEe26SLLjW6bjNu6ciVzm-ovhr5lA8O9k= The Prescription Drug Epidemic can be seen in our schools, streets, and in our very own homes. Listen to the two local experts on this matter: Petaluma Valley Hospital's Dr. Rick Tietz and Russell Family Acupuncture's David Russell.

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You need legal help, but do you need an attorney as well? Maybe not!

Here is a great story from the Napa Valley Register about a local gentleman that saved me thousands. It addresses the question, do you really need an attorney? You need legal help, but do you need an attorney as well? The answer depends on your problem. However, in some cases [...]

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He has performed with Jay Leno & Robin Williams. Now he will perform live for you!

I have always been a fan of comedy! I heard that a good laugh is worth about 13 sit-ups. If that is the case I appreciate The Rocks Bar & Lounge bringing to Petaluma a much needed comedy club. At the last event they had well over one hundred comedy [...]

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Sonoma Cutlery Partners With Chef Cyrelle to Bring Petaluma a Vegetarian Cooking Extravaganza!

Emeril has BAM. Bobby Flay has sizzle. But Sonoma has Cyrelle! Sonoma County’s premiere Cutlery, Sonoma Cutlery, announces new cooking event to demonstrate the vegetarian palatable pleasures that can be created using local, organic, and healthy ingredients. The cooking demonstration will be presented in a fun, informative, and hands-on format [...]

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Petaluma Acupuncturist First to Offer New Eye Vision Loss Treatment in Northern California

Sonoma County’s award-winning Petaluma acupuncturist, David Russell, L.Ac, announces new specialized acupuncture treatments for degenerative vision loss, addressing such problems as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, cataracts, and other degenerative vision loss conditions. Having studied under Dr. Andy Rosenfarb in New Jersey, one of only six such acupuncture degenerative eye [...]

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Fashion Friday? Finally!

http://youtu.be/mDrkvIkjUUo If you did not make it to The Rocks 1st (of many) Fashion Fridays on January 6, 2012, you truly missed out! The House was packed! Thank you sooo much for all that came and supported this event! Thank you Ooh La Loft for all your hard work. You [...]

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A Comedy Club in Petaluma? Stop Pulling My Leg!

When I think of comedy I think of fun times with fun people. I remember laughing so loud that it hurt. I remember thinking, "That is so true." I remember how I could not wait to tell someone the joke I just heard. I remember some of the greats like [...]

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The Top 5 Regrets In Life By Those About to Die

I was forwarded this by my wifey and it was too good not to share. It is from the website addicted2success.com. Great stuff and definitely something I can work harder on now instead of regretting it later. Enjoy... To all my readers out there, sorry to bring down the mood [...]

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Ooh La Loft = We Love Our Clients and Community

Thomas Edison said, "The body is a community made up of its innumerable cells or inhabitants." But what happens when the body gets sick? Sickness is a part of life. There are times when a good cup of herbal tea and vitamin C can do the job. There are other [...]

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Guns and Dating, the Final Frontier

Guns and Dating      

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